The evolution of an idea

Over the past few years, I've worked in the development of learning experiences that allow participants to live first-hand some possibilities and potential of current technology for the support of learning and education. They have grown to transform the way I understand teacher training and education as a whole, and have served as example and inspiration for some teachers across the region (so they say!).

Yet, even though the experience has been documented and socialized in many different ways, an organized account of this work (especially in English) is missing. This is an attempt of putting together the highlights of the work I've done so far, in a timeline that gives a grasp of the way this idea has grown and evolved.

The following video, published in 2009, is an overview of this work (up to that moment) and a good starting point for this story (please keep in mind this experience is Spanish-based):

To understand how I got there and where I am now, join me back to 2007!